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Zipper T. Bunny
Zipper NH.png
Gender Unknown
Species Coustemed Bunny
Service Bunny Day Coordinator
Appearance(s) Animal Crossing: City Folk

Zipper T. (ぴょんたろう, Pyontarou) is a coustumed rabbit. He is the special character who helps make Bunny Day a worthwhile holiday.

Animal Crossing: City Folk[]

Zipper's back

Zipper T.'s job is to stand outside the Town Hall on the day of Bunny Day. When you talk to him, Zipper T. Bunny will tell you that he has hidden Easter eggs around the village. Talk to him a few more times before he will reveal that some of the eggs you find will have bunny foils inside of them. You must crack open all of the eggs and will either get candy, a bunny foil, or it will end up being a rotten egg. Give him the foils and keep the candy and the rotten eggs. In exchange for the foils, you will get pieces of the Egg Series.


Zipper T. Bunny talking

What the animals think of Zipper T. Bunny is one of the meaner special characters. On the outside, he seems cheery and happy and often shouts things such as "Boingity Boing!". However, after shouting cheerfully and doing a bunny dance, Zipper T. Bunny will mutter under his breath and show a different side of himself. He apparently "hates it when they stare at him like that" and often will remark how hard it is to breath in his mask.


Zipper T. is a yellow bunny. One of his ears stands straight while the other one is bent about a third of the way down. He has big blue eyes and also has buck teeth. He wears a blue visor and has accompanying blue overalls. In the middle of his overalls is a big pocket that has a white star on it. Zipper T. has a generally plastic look and also has a plastic zipper on his back, revealing that he is someone in disguise.

True Identity[]

Zipper. T. Bunny's identity is unknown. There are many guesses as to who it is. Here are a few:

Mayor Tortimer » Just like when Tortimer dressed up as Cornimer, he might as well be Zipper T. Bunny. However, this is not the case because you can see Tortimer sleeping in the back of the Town Hall that day.

Mr. Resetti » A kind of wild guess because of the fact that Resetti could not possible fit into Zipper's costume because of his chubby and short figure.

Phyllis » This is the best guess yet because of the fact that the way Zipper T. Bunny mumbles under his breath is very similar to the way that Phyllis would. However, Zipper has a male voice.