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Yellow Bird
Yellow Bird.jpg
Gender Unknown
Species Bird (Carnnary)
Service New Messages
Appearance(s) Animal Crossing: City Folk

Kiki talking about the bulltain board

The Yellow Bird (黄色の鳥) possibly a canary, is a bird first seen in Animal Crossing: City Folk that will sit and chirp on the Bulletin Board when there has been a new post. The Yellow Bird has no official name or gender. Normal villagers will sometimes mention the bird in conversations, such as Kiki. When the player starts the game, a bird can be heard chirping if their house is close enough to the Town Hall. This bird is not a villager and is a lot smaller than one.

The Yellow Bird on the City Folk cover

When the player approaches the Bulletin Board, the bird will fly away, and cannot be caught in any net, whether it be a normal, silver, or golden net. The bird can be seen on the cover of City Folk on the sign with a four-leaf clover in its mouth.