Animal Crossing Wikipeada Wiki
Gender Unknown
Species Wishing Star
Service Granting Wishes
Appearance(s) Animal Crossing: Wild World
Animal Crossing: City Folk

Wishy is a shooting star that can be spotted during the evening in Animal Crossing Games. The player can wish upon Wishy and receive a letter the next day signed by the star.

How To See Wishy[]

On a night without rain or snow, a shooting star may appear briefly in the sky, making a twinkling sound. When it appears on screen, press the A button and if quick enough, the player will put their hands together in a wishing pose while the star sparkles. The next day, the player will receive a letter signed Wishy the Star with a random gift attached to it. It will always be a spotlight item from Tom Nook's Store.

Making a constellation will make it easier to see Wishy. When Celeste gives a date of when a constellation can be best seen, the chances of seeing Wishy are increased.

Note: It only works when the player is not holding any kind of equipment e.g. Tools, Umbrellas, etc.

Meteor Shower[]

The Meteor Shower is an event that occasionally happens. During a meteor shower night, lots of shooting stars will be seen at the same time and it is a good time to see Wishy. A message will be posted on the Bulletin Board notifying the arrival of a meteor shower. This doesn't happen in Wild World.