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Gender: Male
Personality: Lazy
Species: Dog
Birthday: June 10th
Initial Phrase: "wuh"
Initial Clothes: "Number 67 shirt"
Pic Quote: "Perhaps you know me as my superhero alter ego, Fashion Lad."
Appearance(s): Animal Forest e+,
Animal Crossing: Wild World,
Animal Crossing: City Folk

Walker (ベン, Ben) the dog is a lazy villager in the Animal Crossing Series. His name relates to walks, or walking, which dogs are known to enjoy. His initial phrase, "wuh", relates to his personality type, which means "what" in a dazed expression.


Walker is a black and white dog with blank, blue eyes, and a large grin. He has black legs and tail, but white paws. His stomach is white, and he initially wears the Number 67 Shirt.


Below is a brief description of the lazy personality. For more information, click here.

As a lazy villager, he will enjoy napping and talking about food, as well as appearing calm and relaxed through most circumstances. Like other lazy villagers, he will share the same interests such as clothes, fishing, bug catching, and fossil hunting. When he talks about clothes, he may mention his alter ego, "Fashion Lad", a made-up hero by lazy villagers who tackles fashion disasters. Snooty and jock villagers will find it difficult to get along with him, due to his relaxed lifestyle which may cause offense to these villagers. He will get along with all other villagers in the village. He gets along easily with the player, and when you get close to him, he will give you his picture. (Wild World only)


Walker has no theme in his house. His house initially comes with a weight bench, a retro TV, two red sofas, a classic clock, a cabin bookcase, old brick wallpaper and old flooring. When he gains a stereo, it plays Two Days Ago.