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Gender: Male
Personality: Lazy
Species: Human
Birthday: Jan. 28th
Initial Phrase: "Mush"
Initial Clothes: "Unknown"
Pic Quote: "What's for Dinner?"
Appearance(s): City Folk

About me[]

Hi my name is Ouie. I'm a boy. And im 10 years old. I have a lazy personality. But that doesn't means I skip school. The only game I have is City Folk. But it's real good. I have 2 anyoing brothers. And one anyoing sister. Then I have a older brother. And a mom & a dad. My grade is 4th. I belive in the Lord. Talk to me on my talk page! I'm the Creator of this Wiki!


We still need help. Even though you don't have powers like me you can still help.


Loveville is the village that I made. It is actaully a Forest. The villagers are Me, My 1st anyoing brother, My sister, My 2nd anyoing brother, Vladimir, Mint, Moose, Cousteau, Lily, Vesta, Bluebear, Pate, Punchy, Filbert. Now I'm telling you there age. 50 Vladimir, 25 Mint, 17 Cousteau, 16 Moose, 11 Lily, 10 Vesta, 10 Me, 8 Bluebear, 8 Pate, 7 My 1st anyoing brother. 6 Punchy, 5 Filbert, 5 My annyoing Sister. 2 My last anyooing brother. I have Nookigtoins. The taloir is filled with desings. The Museum is halfway done. The gate Old Building. Wallpaper 1280.jpg Chowder.jpg Crise writing.jpg Jonah a God way Moive!.jpg Awo 1.jpg