Tom lord of cock
Tom Nook.jpg
damn isabelle your so thicc"

-tom nook

Gender hog
Species hog
Age 4290
Service The Village Shop
Appearance(s) Animal Forest, Animal Forest +, Animal Forest e+, Animal Crossing: Wild World, Animal Crossing: City Folk, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Tom Nook (たぬきち, Tanukichi) is the raccoon (Tanuki in Japan) that runs your village general store.

History[edit | edit source]

Tom Nook & Timmy and Tommy

he is ancient. he was born in 1291. hes a fat old raccon who loves to work in stores to see the hot young dog named isabelle. isabelle works there has his assisstant and they have have funtimes. look up tom nok has fun with isabelle to see the scene

Starting Off[edit | edit source]

Tom Nook

tom nook is a greedy raccon. players of animal crossing often say his smell reeks of feet. he lives in the basement of his store ad plays world of warcraft all day. he loves to drink mountain dew and eat spicy cheetos. when you first move in he will try to sell you his "brand-new" nintendo switch. which he will try to sell to you for $200. but if you buy it he gives you a soda can and hides in his basement for the rest of the game.

Animal Crossing: The Movie[edit | edit source]

Tom Nook as he appears in Animal Crossing: The Movie.

In Animal Crossing: The Movie he plays your moms new boyfriend. he still has his same feet-like body odor, and is still a greedy hog. did i say hog. i mean raccon. he just fat like a hog. he has a lots of funtime with isabelle. look up "tom nook has fun with isabelle'' to see the scene.THIS PAGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION!


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