Squirrels are a type of species in the AC series. They have a swirl on their tail, and a stripe design at their back.

Incomplete List of Squirrels[edit | edit source]

Static[edit | edit source]

Static is a purple squirrel with yellow stripes.

Filbert[edit | edit source]

Filbert is a blue squirrel with white stripes.

Hazel[edit | edit source]

Hazel is a red squirrel with a unibrow.

Ricky[edit | edit source]

Ricky is a yellow squirrel with a unibrow.

Peanut[edit | edit source]

Peanut is a hot pink squirrel with blue stripes.

Blaire[edit | edit source]

Blaire is a black squirrel with white stripes.

Mint[edit | edit source]


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