Animal Crossing Wikipeada Wiki
Gender Male
Species Snowman
Service Snowman Advice
Appearance(s) Animal Crossing
Animal Forest e+
Animal Crossing: Wild World
Animal Crossing: City Folk

Snowmen (ゆきだるま), are fun and exciting to make! They are also quite difficult to create, as well. Snowmen are different from the normal routine in Animal Crossing, Animal Crossing: Wild World, and Animal Crossing: City Folk and a joy to see in your village!

How do I make a snowman?

You can make the snowman appear any day in your village whenever there is snow on the ground, which will only be in the winter time. When there is snow on the ground, search your village for small snowballs, there will only be a maximum number of two on the ground. You may only make one snowman per day.

Rolling snowmen

When you first find them, they will be small and difficult to control because there of their weight. You will need to roll them around by pushing your character into the direction that you want them to move. Gradually, the snowball gets large enough the character will finally be able to control it and move it without it going crazy.

Where can I roll them?

You may only roll them in snowy areas to make them grow larger. If you roll them in dirt, on a bridge, or on walking stones, then the snowman will slowly decrease in size.


Proportions are the key to making snowmen. You can make any kind of snowman that you would like. You can have the head bigger than the bottom, the top and the bottom the same, or the bottom way larger than the top. Of course, you can always make a perfect snowman, as well.

Assembling the snowman

To assemble a snowman, roll one snowball close to another and push one of them into the other. It will jump in the air, and land on top of the other snowball, creating a snowman. The process is now complete. The snowman will talk and tell you whether you did a good job or not.


After you assemble the snowman, he will start to get smaller as the days pass by. Eventually, he will melt completely and dissapear from the spot where he was standing. You can always make new snowmen, though!

How to make the perfect snowman

In order to make a snowman appear perfectly, you must make the top of the snowman at least two thirds the size of the bottom snowball. There is a fairly easy way to achieve this. First, locate one snowball and roll it in the snow until is reaches its maximum size and cannot get any bigger and slow it to a stop . Then, locate the second snowball and push it near the other one. Roll the second snowball in the snow until you get its head about two thirds the size of the first snowball. You will need to use your eyes and base its size off of that alone. Then, push the second snowball on top of the first. If you did the process correctly, your snowman should be excited about how he looks and say that he is perfect!

I lost my snowball!

It is possible to lose your snowball. Here are some of the ways:

  • If you roll the snowball against a rock, building, signpost, or a tree multiple times it will break.
  • You push the snowball into a hole that you have dug.
  • You push it too far and into the river/ocean.
  • You can crush it with a shovel of an axe.
  • Pushing the snowball off of an cliff.

If you enter and building and then exit back out of it, the missing snowball will come back, but it will be in a different location than the previous. You will never be able to lose a snow ball completely.

Tips and tricks

  • To make creating a perfect snowman easier, roll the snowballs to a spot where both snow and dirt is easily available. That way, you may increase or decrease the size of the snowballs.
  • If you complete a perfect snowman after 9:00pm and before 9:00am the next day, you will receive two piece of Snowman furniture from the snowman. This is the fastest way to complete the series.
  • If you place a snowman in the route of the bus, when you get to the bus stop and choose to go to the city it will say that the bus has been delayed because of a massive snowstorm.