Animal Crossing Wikipeada Wiki
Gender Female
Species Dog (Chihuahua)
Service Foutain Fariy
Appearance(s) Animal Crossing: City Folk

Serena (めがみさま, Goddess) is a new character and was introduced in the game Animal Crossing: City Folk. She is the Foutain Fariy who will live in your village's fountain. She gives out Axes. She replaces Farley from previous Animal Crossing Games.

Seeing Serena[]

In order to actually be able to see and visit Serena everyday, you need to donate enough Bells to the village fund so they will build a fountain. This will cost you a hefty sum of 400,000 Bells. But first, you need to donate 200,000 Bells to the village fund to get a bridge, because in order to get the fountain, everything that you can get before it needs to be acquired. After you donate enough Bells for a fountain, you must wait a week until it is finally finished. On the opening day of the fountain, Mayor Tortimer will be standing near the open area and you will not be able to throw your axe in. After this, you can throw your normal axe in the water every day. Just stand next to the fountain's open area and press A. Your character should throw their axe in the fountain, making Serena appear. You may only summon Serena once a day.

Serena's Questions[]

Serena can approach you with different questions when she appears. Your job is to answer them with the correct questions. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. The answers that Serena wants are random. There is no set answer and the answer that you choose will not always be the right one. Here are the question paths that Serena will ask:

What's with you mortals? First you throw coins, and now axes? This is getting out of control! Ummm, did you throw a gold axe in here? Or maybe a silver axe? » You then receive these options:

A gold axe!

A silver axe!

A regular axe.

Nope, nothing. »

This is one question that you can always get correct. Choose regular axe. She may say she doesn't feel like giving out axes, take yours, then leave. If she doesn't, continue. »

Honesty? Huh, that's refreshing... Just because you told the truth, I'm going to give you a special gold axe...Just kidding! How'd I do? Did I seem really goddessy? I mean, that's how a goddess is supposed to be, right? »

You then get a slider bar and the options:

Spot on.

No! »

What you choose is random and you may or may not get it correct. This is the point where she will tell you that you are either getting a gold axe or you or not.

That is an example of a question path. Serena can ask many more questions such as "Do I look different today?" and "Would you like a silver axe? Keep on trying if you don't get the axe. It will happen eventually.

Increasing your chance of getting a gold or silver axe[]

  • Be nice to your neighbors, don't hit them with your net or miss meetings, etc.
  • Use Feng Shui in your house.
  • Place lucky items in your house.
  • Have a good reading from Katrina.


Although she looks cute, Serena isn't the girl that she seems to be. She likes to tease and bait you with her terribly difficult questions which usually lead you to defeat. She has a lot of mood swings. One day, she'll seem friendly and nice, but then a sudden change takes over and she is wailing over this and that. Serena is very misunderstood and because of that, she is not well liked. Players have even gone as far as to create Anti-Serena clubs.


Serena is probably one of the cutest characters to date in the Animal Crossing games. She is an all-white chihuahua that wears a matching white toga. The inside of her ears, tips of her hands, and the tip of her snout have hints of purple in them. Her eyes are big, blue and sparkling when you talk to her. She wears a lot of jewelry, mainly the dangling earrings that hang on her pointed ears and her golden headband.


These are things that are said, but not true:

Serena at the foutain

  • She won't gives axes to girls because she is jealous of them
  • Throwing in a broken axe won't yield you a golden or silver axe