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Gender Male (Japan)
Female (Other)
Species Camel
Service Traveling Wallpaper/Carpet Seller
Appearance(s) Animal Forest
Animal Forest +
Animal Crossing
Animal Forest e+
Animal Crossing: Wild World
Animal Crossing: City Folk
Animal Crossing: The Movie

Saharah (ローラン, Roland) is another one of the characters who occasionally visits the village on a business trip. She has appeared in all versions of the game in the Animal Crossing Series.

Saharah in the Gamecube version

Animal Crossing Role[]

In this game, Saharah only gives out rare rugs that couldn't be found anywhere else. She would appear on a Saturday or a Sunday at a random time, and you could buy a carpet from here for 3,000 bells and a carpet you no longer want and need to get rid of. These carpets were very rare and couldn't be bought anywhere else. The only down side to Saharah's business is that if you first buy a carpet from her for 4,000 bells, next time you see her that price would off doubled and it would be 8,000 bells and so on and so forth.

Animal Crossing: Wild World Role[]

Saharah is back! She's a little lost and doesn't have a map to tell where her customers are. So when you talk to her, she will ask you to make some deliveries for her. In order to relieve your reward, you have to complete all of the deliveries that she asks you to do, which is usually three. Saharah now gives you the option to get a rare wallpaper or a rare rug. You can only choose one, so choose carefully.

Animal Crossing: City Folk Role[]

Saharah is still in the game, but this time she changes things up a bit. She has gone back to her way of accepting trade-ins, but this time you don't have to pay her for them. You can't just hand her any old carpet or wallpaper as well, it has to be recycled. You must go around your village and ask all of the villagers if they have recycled wallpapers or carpets that you can have. Normally only 1-3 villagers have some. When you get three of them saved up, Saharah will either give you the choice of a rare wallpaper or carpet.


Saharah is a very loved character in Animal Crossing. She doesn't like to stay in one place too long. Saharah is a fast paced talker and also shows the sign of a great businesswoman. Her sales ways in all of the Animal Crossing Series have been extraordinary and often end up making her profit.


Saharah is a camel dressed in an Indian style. She never opens her eyes, even when speaking to you. She wears an open blue vest that has swirls of yellow on the edge of it. On her back she wears a white string backpack. In it includes tons of wallpaper and carpets, which is part of her business.


Saharah explaing wallpaers in City Folk

  • According to cranky villagers in Animal Crossing: City Folk, her accent is fake. They claim that she used to do stand-up comedy in the The Theather and didn't have an accent.
  • There is a easy way to get many old carpets in one visit. First get the old carpet on one person, and get more carpets with different characters. Then drop the extra carpets and have the person the player want to get the exotic carpet with pick up the other carpets and then give them to her to get a rare carpet.
  • Despite being female, Saharah is reffered to as male in the Prima Official Strategy guide for Animal Crossing.