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Sable Able
Able 1.jpg
Gender Female
Species Headghog
Service Sweaing the clothes at the Able Sisters
Appearance(s) Animal Forest +
Animal Crossing
Animal Forest e+
Animal Crossing: Wild World
Animal Crossing: City Folk
Animal Crossing: The Movie

Sable (あさみ, Asami) is a brown headghog and has appeared in every single Animal Crossing game expcext Animal Forest.

Sable as a trophy with her sister Mabel


Sable and her sister Mabel work together at the Able Sisters. When you step into the store, you will find that Sable is in the corner sewing away. When you talk to her at first, she won't say much and will instead hand the role of taking care of the customer to Mabel.

Befriending Sable

Sable talking to a player

If talk to Sable for 12 days she will start to to tell you about his childhood and past events.


A Sable Mii

Sable is a brown headghog. Her eyes look tired from sewing all day. Right above her black snout, she has a group of freckles. Sable has brown fur. Her hair is also brown and comes down from underneath her hair and is all spiked up. She wears a red and white checkered apron.


Mable is very reserved and wise. She perhaps gets these traits for when her parents died and she had to take on the great responsibility of caring for her sister. She will not open up about her personal life details until she feels that the person she is speaking to can be trusted. She is very quiet as well and does not like greeting customers.


  • Mabel - Sable's 10 year younger sister.
  • Labelle - Her 5 year younger sister. They don't speak to each other because they got in a big fight when they were younger.
  • Tom Nook - He used to Sable's friend. But he broke up with him because they wanted different jobs.
  • Blathers - In Wild World She sent him a letter about the Able Sister Shop.