Animal Crossing Wikipeada Wiki
Gender Male
Species Cat
Service Greeating Players
Welcoming Players
Stayfing Players City Folk
Appearance(s) Animal Forest
Animal Forest +
Animal Crossing
Animal Forest e+
Animal Crossing: Wild World
Animal Crossing: City Folk
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Animal Crossing: New Horizons (in datamine)

Rover (みしらぬネコ, Unknown Cat) makes an appearance in all of the game in the Animal Crossing Series in different ways. He is a beloved character and well liked by many.


Rover is never mad for long, no matter what you say or do. He is an upbeat cat who loves to look on the bright sides of things. Rover's vibe is a happy one. He is always there to look out for you, whether it be hooking you up with a house or giving you your village map.


Rover is a blue and white cat. The only article of clothing that he wears is a sweater vest that alternates between red and black diamonds that are all over the vest. The vest's collar and bottom are lined with gold. His eyes are outlined with red and inside are black pupils. He is rarely seen without a smile.

Animal Forest/Animal Crossing Gamecube Role[]

Rover on the train.

In this game, once you to the train station and hop on the train, Rover will be there waiting for you. After he introduces himself, Rover will precede to ask you what the date and time currently is. From then on, a screen will pop up and you must enter it correctly. He will ask you what your name is and what the name of your village is - which you must point and enter yet again. After he gets to know you a little better, he will ask you some more questions which will then determine your appearance and gender. He says that he can get you a house through his buddy Tom Nook. After that, the train will soon come to a stop and arrive at the village.

Animal Crossing: Wild World Role[]

In this game, Rover has been replaced by Kapp'n, who will now drive the player to the village via his car and ask them questions that determine their name, gender, and how their character will look. However, you can still visit Rover in The Roost where he will sometimes be sitting. If you talk to him, he will often chat about the previous Animal Crossing Game. Rover will also help you set up Tag Mode, which allows anonymous bottle mail to be sent to the town and land on your beach shores.

Animal Crossing: City Folk[]

Rover on the bus.

Rover has returned to his previous role in Animal Crossing Gamecube. When you first start the game, Rover will be there and will ask you if you would like to start fresh or transport your data from Animal Crossing: Wild World. From there, you will get on the bus with Rover which is driven by Kapp'n. He will ask you what your name is what your village's name is. He will then proceed to ask you other conversational questions which will determine your character's appearance. From then on he will always start up your game for you when you want to play. The first time you ride the bus to the city he will give you the option to turn on WiiConnect24. Rover is also the voice behind the phone. He will turn on or off WiiConnect24 or help you change your home flag.