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Gender Male
Species Monkey
Service Train Staion Porter
Appearance(s) Animal Forest
Animal Forest +
Animal Crossing
Animal Forest e+

Porter (えきいんさん, Station Worker) is a monkey who runs the Train Station in Animal Forest and Aninal Crossing GCN. He coordinates transportation between villages. Little is known about him, and he never re-appeared in future games of the Animal Crossing Series. He resembles the villager, Champ, who is in Wild World and City Folk.

Porter working on the railroad


Porter is a brown monkey with a pale yellow face, hands, and feet. He wears a blue station porter uniform, with gold buttons on his jacket and a badge on his hat.


  • Some people believe Porter came back in Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk as Champ, but no official evidence suggests this is true.
  • Some believe Porter and Champ may be related. This too is only a rumor, and no official evidence suggests this is true.