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Gender Female
Species Pelican
Service Civic duties, Postal work
Appearance(s) Animal Forest
Animal Forest+
Animal Crossing
Animal Forest e+
Animal Crossing: Wild World
Animal Crossing: City Folk
Animal Crossing: The Movie

Phyllis (ぺりみ, Pelimi) is the female night clerk pelican of the Post Office (Animal Forest, Animal Crossing and Animal Forest e+) or the Town Hall (Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk). Phyllis is the older sister of Pelly, who works at night. When talking to the Player, she will often mutter things under her breath (shown in gray text in-game, spoken in Bebebese), as she does not seem to enjoy having to work so late.

Phyllis has her own music for the town hall; starting as soon as her shift begins, it reflects Phyllis' irritated mood and snappy conversation.


In Animal Crossing, Phyllis works at the Post Office from 7 PM to 7 AM. She is very rude to her customers, but doesn't have a very developed character.

Wild World[]

Phyllis as trophy with her sister Pelly

Phyllis is the clerk of the Town Hall in Animal Crossing: Wild World. She takes care of the civic center and post office centers. She's still very rude, but villagers say that she is incredibly efficient at her work, despite her attitude. When asked about the environment, Phyllis gives more detailed answers than Pelly. Whereas Pelly will often tell the Player to "add more green", Phyllis will specify whether the player needs to add trees or flowers. Some characters sometimes state that they see Phyllis crying in the plaza at night, which may have something to do with the complicated romance between her co-workers, Pete and Pelly. Phyllis can sometimes be found in The Roost from 9 PM to 10 PM on any day except Saturday (because of K.K.). If a Player saves 500,000,000 Bells, they will receive a picture of Phyllis with her sister, Pelly.

In order to accommodate more than one Player with the introduction of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, Phyllis and Pelly can both be found in the Town Hall when a visitor arrives. Phyllis heads the civic center. Even though her attitude can be hurtful, she is really fun to watch when she shouts at people. Peppy girls will sometimes say that she is very loving to her younger sister, Pelly.

City Folk[]

Phyllis still works in the Town Hall in City Folk, performing much the same role as in the previous installment. As with Wild World, villagers often rumor that her co-worker Pete is entirely in love with her, and when he is seen he doesn't hide it very well. He even reveals that others comment that she is "frosty", "aloof", and has a "personality like sandpaper", despite his infatuation for her. Pete has been known to send mail to Phyllis, as revealed when cranky villagers talk of replacing a fellow villager's house nameplate to the name "Phyllis", only for their victim to be inundated with "creepy love letters".

Phyllis at her job frowning.

She can be found in the The Roost in the museum the hour before her shift starts, 9 to 10 PM, where she will complain about her job when spoken to, saying things such as (depending on the gender of the player):

"They keep promising me an assistant or an automatic mail sorter or some kind of help. But it never comes. And folks wonder why I'm grumpy all the time!"

"I can't even count how many years I've been working there. I really should have quit a long time ago. But I don't really have any skills... And I'm too old to learn."

"You seem kinda clueless, so let me give you a tip, gal to gal. ALWAYS WEAR SENSIBLE SHOES! Unless you have wings. Then it doesn't matter." A further similarity with Wild World is Phyllis' job at the civic center; when the Player connects to Wi-Fi and has visitors over.

Animal Crossing: The Movie[]

Like the games she appeers very rude & grumpy. In the movie she acts very grumpy. She said many rude things. Like "This is boring".

Unknown Facts[]

Because Zipper T. has a zipper, some players think Phyllis is in the costume because she is known to talk under her breath about her job and Zipper T. does that too. However, like Mayor Tortimer, she is still visible in Town Hall when at work.