Animal Crossing Wikipeada Wiki
Gender Male
Species Sea Lion
Service Prize Man
Appearance(s) Animal Crossing: City Folk

Phineas (パロンチーノ, Palochino) is a Sea Lion who you may find in the city on sunny or cloudy days. He is a new character and was introduced in the game Animal Crossing: City Folk.


Phineas' role in the game is to come to the city on fair weathered days and hand out prizes to everybody that approaches him for a little chat. He will bring his music cart which has three different colored balloons tied onto it. If you talk to the prize man, you will discover that you can choose which item you would like. These are your options:

  • Balloon
  • Bunny Balloon
  • Pinwheel
  • Bubble Wand

You may only get one prize each time that Phineas comes to the city.

Appearance Pattern[]

Pheains giving out a baloon

It is believed that Phineas only comes on sets days, because when one person has him in their town then so so everybody else. He has been known to show up for days in a row only to be gone for weeks. He does come on the weekends and during cloudy days. It does not need to be sunny as the popular rumor states. The only time that Phineas doesn't not have a chance of coming is when it is snowing, raining, or if you are time traveling.

Time Traveling[]

If you decide to time travel in the game, Phineas will not appear in the city for as long as you keep on doing it. If you would like to get Phineas back along with his prizes, you must stop time traveling completely and then wait a whole week (without time traveling) until Phineas will recognize you have quit your habit.


Phineas is a fair man with a lot of patience. He doesn't lose his temper easily. This is apparent when you run right up to him and after he greets you with a warm "Hello!", you go on to say "Gimme something!". Instead of being mad, he laughs and asks you what you would like. If you walk up to him after you have already gotten a prize, he will say that he needs to save his prizes for other children as well, showing his fairness.


Phineas wears a well tailored black suit with white outlining. He also wears a black tie. His suit jacket is open, so therefore you can see that he is wearing an orange vest with a white button shirt underneath as well. He has on black pants and on his head is a top hat. Phineas wears spectacle and is always seen holding some type of balloon.