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Gender Male
Species Pelican
Service Mail Man
Appearance(s) Animal Forest
Animal Forest +
Animal Crossing
Animal Forest e+
Animal Crossing: Wild World
Animal Crossing: City Folk
Animal Crossing: The Movie

Pete (ぺりお, Pelio) is a pelican that delivers mail in all of the Animal Crossing games.

Role in Animal Crossing[]

Pete derliving a message from Nintendo

In Animal Crossing, he takes the mail after the player has sent Pelly or Phyllis five letters. He flies down towards the player's house at 5 PM to deliver mail and lands by the bulletin board. He will walk to each letterbox and place mail inside of each one, unless disturbed by the player, whom he will talk to. Once the mail has been delivered, he will take off and fly away within two acres. His love for Phyllis is often talked about among the villagers.

Role in Animal Crossing: Wild World[]

He continues to be the mail carrier in Wild World, but with a slightly different role. In the game, he cannot be seen delivering the mail, but can be seen flying above the village where he can be shot down with a slingshot between 9 AM and 5 PM, and he would not be aware who shot him down. He can be found near the player, laying face down. He will proceed to get up once talked to. Once he is shot, the player will not be able to move until he falls on the ground.

Pete flying in the air.

Role in Animal Crossing: City Folk[]

Pete talking about his love Phyllis

In City Folk, Pete appears walking around the village at 5 PM to deliver the mail, at the same time as he did in Animal Crossing. He also appears when Nintendo sends mail to a player. However, he randomly appears in the village, rather than flies in. He will only talk once to the player, when spoken to. Afterward, he only says that he has to get to work.

It is clear that Pete does not have feelings for Pelly in City Folk, but seems to be interested in her sister, Phyllis. When talking to him he blushes while mentioning that Phyllis' perfume smells "exotic," and giggles when he mentions that she said "good night" to him.

When he is in the village, some villagers will start rumors about Pete and other villagers, some even suggesting they are in a relationship with him. If you listen to some of their conversations, snooty and cranky villagers will say how they have changed the name plates on other snooty and cranky villagers' homes to "Phyllis' House", usually involving this with other arguments, like giving other villagers' fleas for revenge. Booker will not know when Pete is in the village because Pete flies into the village, rather than goes through the Town Gate.

Role in The Movie[]

Pete plays a minor role in Animal Crossing: The Movie. He makes an appearance when Margie sends Ai a letter about her fulfilling her dreams. He also makes a more muted, background appearance during the Fireworks show, eating pink cotton candy.


  • A flying postman in the Nintendo DS game The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass says that he does not want to be shot down by a slingshot. This could be a reference to Pete.
  • In Animal Crossing, he has a deep voice. In Animal Crossing: Wild World and City Folk, he has a higher voice that resembles the tone and pitch of a lazy villager's voice.