Animal Crossing Wikipeada Wiki
Gender Female
Species Pelican
Service Civic duties, Postal work
Appearance(s) Animal Forest
Animal Forest +
Animal Crossing
Animal Forest e+
Animal Crossing: Wild World
Animal Crossing: City Folk
Animal Crossing: The Movie

Pelly (ぺりこ, Peliko) is a female pelican who works at the Post Office in Animal Crossing and runs the Town Hall in Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk. Her name comes from her species, a pelican. She works as a clerk during the daytime shift. She is the younger sister of Phyllis, who has a different personality from Pelly, appearing rude and lacking work morale. Pelly, however, appears to enjoy her work. She can be conscious of her personality, and even goes as far to ask if she appears introverted.

Role in Animal Crossing[]

Pelly can be found from 7am to 7pm in the Post Office in Animal Crossing. She is the daytime clerk. The player can talk to her to send and save letters to other villagers. In other villages, the player can talk to her to send letters to villagers in that village. She is in love with Pete, but is too shy to mention it to him.

Role in Animal Crossing: Wild World[]

Pelly has the same role in Animal Crossing: Wild World as she did in Animal Crossing, where she will send and save letters for the player. She now lets the player edit the Town Tune. Pelly has a secret crush on Pete, the mail man. She will sometimes sigh when the player visits the Town Hall, about Pete who she will talk about if the player wishes to listen to her story. She writes on the village bulletin board about happenings, birthdays, and her own anonymous thoughts. She can be found enjoying coffee in The Roost an hour before her shift on random days. The player can get Pelly mad- after shooting Pete down from the sky and becoming friends with him Pelly will get mad at you and give you a "talk."

Pelly's photograph (or "Pic") can be obtained after the player saves 100,000,000 Bells in their bank account. The picture quote is "Always remember the Boondoxians". The Boondoxians being poor, inept villagers in a village who Pelly cares about.

Role in Animal Crossing: City Folk[]

Pelly as a trophy with her sister Phyllis

Pelly still works the same shift at the Town Hall in Animal Crossing: City Folk. However, she can now fix problems for the player, such as the chance the player is locked out of their own house or if there is a problem with the player's villagers' clothes or catchphrases. She does not handle banking anymore, as that is now part of the ABD (Automatic Bell Dispenser). Her writing on the bulletin board remains, and she still has a crush on Pete. However, Pete now has a new intrest in Pelly's older sister, Phyllis.

Pelly can be seen in the Roost sometimes before her shift in the Town Hall. She can be found from 6:00AM to 6:59AM, waiting for her shift. Pelly will often say that Phyllis is not as mean as she looks.