Animal Crossing Wikipeada Wiki
Gender Male
Species Pecock
Service Dancer
Festialve Orginzer
Appearance(s) Animal Crossing: City Folk

Pavé (ベルリーナ, Berliner) is a new special character that was introduced in the game Animal Crossing: City Folk. He shows up during the Festivale and loves to dance!


Pavé's job is to stand around the Town Hall plaza and help celebrate the Festivale! Pavé will dance around and after he calms down, he will tell you that he wants a certain color of candy. You must go out and look for villagers that are out of their houses and wandering around the village. When you speak to them, you have to play a game with them in order to win some candy. Sometimes you may choose what color candy you want and sometimes you get a random color. You can then bring the candy to Pavé if it is the correct color and in exchange he will give you a piece of furniture from his very own set, the Pavé Series.


Pave dancing for Feastviate

Pavé is the real deal! Pave is one of the most craziest and also one of the most fun characters that you will ever see in a game. He dances all day, sings crazy songs, and just makes you want to sing and dance along with him! Pave is of the Spanish descent. One way that you can tell is because of his use of words. Pave is always active (probably from all of the candy) and never seems to want to stop his festivities! His dance consist of him swaying his hips around and flailing his arms about. His catchy music and the confetti are prime examples of Pavé's cheeriness.



Pavé is a teal peacock. Along his eyes are white and pink dots that resemble diamonds. Pavé's beak is beard and top of his head is white. He has a very long neck and wears a white necklace around it. His shirt is white and has tiny different colored spots on it. He wears white pants, but you can see his stomach between the pants and his shirt. He wears shiny black shoes. Of course, since he is a peacock, he has many feathers on his tail. They are white with purple dots (outlined with green) on the tip of the tail. Behind him is his trademark billboard in which he stand behind.


  • Even though he is a male he is sometimes mistaken as a female for his look and voice.