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Gender: Female
Personality: Snooty
Species: Duck
Birthday: April 23rd
Initial Phrase: "quackulous"
Initial Clothes: "Laced Shirt"
Pic Quote: N/A
Appearance(s): Animal Forest e+,
Animal Crossing: City Folk

Miranda (ミランダ), is a snooty duck in the Animal Crossing Series. She was originally in Animal Forest e+ and returned in Animal Crossing: City Folk.


She is a pink duck with a dark pink bob cut, baby blue eye shadow, red blush, and pink wings with white tips. She has orange feet, and her eyes have a twinkle to them. A duck named Gloria is similar to her in appearance and personality, however, unlike Gloria, Miranda was originally in Animal Forest e+.


Below is a brief description of the snooty personality. For more information, click here.

As a snooty villager, Miranda will appear uptown, classy, and chic. With this, however, she will appear rude, belittling, and snobbish when talking to the player or other villagers in the village, usually criticizing their dress sense or fashion. When talking to the player enough times, she will befriend them but still remain subtly rude. As with all snooty villagers, she has an interest in clothes over other hobbies. She will have problems socializing with other villagers, usually lazy villagers by disagreeing with their choice of lifestyle or getting offended by a jock villager, who has questioned her physical fitness. If you happen to be wearing an in-season GracieGrace clothing, she may compliment you.


Miranda's record player plays K.K. Salsa.