Animal Crossing Wikipeada Wiki
Gender: Female
Personality: Peppy
Species: Dog
Birthday: Unknown
Initial Phrase: Unknown
Initial Clothes: "Candy Gingham"
Pic Quote: N/A
Appearance(s): Animal Forest e+

Megumi (めぐみ) , is a peppy, dog villager from the Animal Crossing Series, only appearing in Animal Forest e+.


Megumi is a light pink dog; the top of her head and ears are a dark pink color that could be considered purple. She has hot pink blush on her cheeks and a little below her shirt you can see a white belly. She initialy wears the candy gingham. She looks a lot like Maddie the dog.


Below is a brief description of the peppy personality. For more information, click here.

Megumi has a peppy personality, meaning she will be friendly and excitable. She will get along with most villagers since she is open to all personalities.