Animal Crossing Wikipeada Wiki
Gender: Male
Personality: Lazy
Species: Dog
Birthday: Unknown
Initial Phrase: Unknown
Initial Clothes: "Blue Aloha Shirt"
Pic Quote: N/A
Appearance(s): Animal Forest e+

Masa (マサ) is a lazy, dog villager from the Animal Crossing series. His only appearance was in Animal Forest e+.


Masa's e-reader card.

Masa is a brown dog, who wears a black cap. He has light brown around his mouth, with black details. His mouth has a mustache shape to it and it is red. His initial clothing is the Blue Aloha Shirt.


Below is a brief description of the lazy personality. For more information, click here.

As a lazy villager, Masa will be easy to get along with due to his laid back lifestyle. Like all lazy villagers, he shares an interest in food and relaxing. He will enjoy partaking in the usual hobbies, usually for relaxing reasons or for food (fishing). He will get along well with other villager types such as the sweet villagers who act around the same age and peppy villagers who appear to be younger. He may offend or confuse jock villagers, who have a conflicting lifestyle of exercise and fitness, who do not understand the reason behind the lazy lifestyle choice.