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Gender Male
Species Wesael
Service Insurance Salesman Wild World
HRA Instructor City Folk
Appearance(s) Animal Crossing: Wild world
Animal Crossing: City Folk
Animal Crossing: The Movie

Lyle (ホンマさん, Honma-san) is a blue weasel. He makes an appearance in Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk. In both games, Lyle plays the role of a business man but with different companies. His species is a weasel, who are often known as scammers.

Animal Crossing: Wild World[]

In Animal Crossing: Wild World, Lyle is teamed up with Redd to try and scam you out of your hard earned Bells. When you first meet him, he will ask you what day that you would like Redd to set up his tent in your village, but immediately denies that he knows Redd. Every Saturday Lyle will be waiting for you outside his house until you talk to him and answer his questions. You are then required to pay him a sum of 3,000 Bells to get his insurance, which cover Redd's fake paintings and bee stings. The only two ways to not receive insurance is to decline talking to him or not having.

Animal Crossing: City Folk[]

Lyle talking to a player about a racoon figuare

Lyle atsring at a player

In Animal Crossing: City Folk, Lyle took on the job of running the HRA building in the City. Lyle is very unsure about himself and will constantly rant about his "boring" job. In the HRA Lyle will tell you about HRA and will give you your score if you accidentally threw out the mail that had that information. He will also describe the theme of the week, whose winner's room resides in the back of the HRA. He will also go over the room of the winner and describe certain pieces of furniture or a theme in general.


Lyle is a born salesman who likes to con you out of everything. He is a quick paced talker and always says what you want to hear in order to convince you to buy his service. In Wild World he is very shady because of the facts that he comes out of nowhere offering you insurance and doesn't work for anyone but himself. Overall, he is sly and sneaky. The fact that he is a weasel really fits him.


In Animal Crossing: Wild World, Lyle had on a brown suit with black buttons and wore thin black frames that were too big for his eyes. He carried a black briefcase. In Animal Crossing: City Folk, Lyle now must wear an HRA uniform which is red with a black tie. He has ditched the briefcase and decided to go for a more professional look, even though he hates his job.

Animal Crossing Movie[]

Lyle makes a small appearance in Animal Crossing: The Movie. He is seen in the background of the fireworks festival when K. K. Slider is singing on stage. He wears the same suit as his appearance in Animal Crossing: Wild World. He does not talk and makes no other appearance in the film.