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====== UHKQUJKAKUHAUHKQUHIWHUIBHJhbjahjhq'''hbjqbhjqbhjq''' ======
{{Infobox Villager
|name = Lucky
|image = LUCKY!!.jpg
|imagesize = 200px
|Gender = Male
|Personality = [[Lazy]]
|Species = [[Dog]]
|Birthday = [[November|November 4]]<sup>th</sup>
|Initial Phrase = rrr-owch
|Initial Clothes = No. 23 Shirt
|Quote = Ow...
|Games = {{AF}},<br>Animal Forest +<br>{{PG}},<br>{{AFe+}},<br>{{WW}},<br>{{CF}}
}}'''Lucky''' (ラッキー) is a [[lazy]], [[dog]] [[villager]] from the Animal Crossing series, where he has made an appearance in every game. His name comes from the fact that he has a full body cast and is still alive, making him "lucky". His picture quote is an exclamation people say when they hurt themselves and his catchphrase is the same thing, only he was barking.
Lucky is a dog that is in a full body cast. Many consider him to be mummified, while others consider his appearance to be the result of an unknown accident. His left eye is seen peeking through which is yellow, (no pupils) the bandages as well as his dark brown ears and tail. He wears the No. 23 Shirt, which is primarily white which matches his bandages, and wrapping around his head which is ''very ''similar to the head clothing, dressing. He sleeps standing up Some people even think he may just be disguised as a mummified dog and who knows what he really is under those bandages in past games before new horizons he was wearing a sports shirt with number 24 but in new horizons he wears a Jacket with a tint of brown and pink
''Below is a brief description of the '''lazy''' personality. For more information, click '''[[lazy|here]]'''.''
Lazy villagers have a relaxed and laid-back approach to living in the [[town]]. The most perfect little man. They appear friendly in the way they speak and talk about [[hobbies]], particularly fishing and fossil finding. They find it easy to get along and talk to other villagers, including the [[player]], particularly other lazy villagers and normal villagers, who also share their parent like interests and approach to living in the town. peppy villagers may appear sisterly, towards him, but he may, anger them on the rare occasion. He may confuse jock villagers, who have an opposing lifestyle of health fitness, which conflict with their lifestyle. He will also get along well with [[cranky]] villagers, as they too prefer the slow paced lifestyle and outlook on life. He doesn't get along with [[snooty]] villagers because he doesn't care about his physical appearance.
Lucky's house in ''Wild World'' has the ancient floor and wall, a sphinx, an asteroid, and some other items of furniture. If he has a [[stereo]], it will play [[K.K. Dirge]].
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[[Category:Animal Forest Characters]]
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