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Gender Female
Species Headghog
Service GracieGrace Clerk
Appearance(s) Animal Crossing: City Folk

Labelle (ケイト, Kate) This classy lass runs GracieGrace, a trendy fashion store in the north end of the city. Labelle's always happy to help you in anyway, though her boss,Gracie, is the real talent behind the price tags. It is told that Labelle is the middle sister of the Able Sisters, Sable and Mable. Rumor has it that Labelle left the family business to work in the city. Labelle shares features that the Able sisters have, so maybe, just maybe, this rumor is true.


Labelle intdorucing GracieGrace

Labelle with her boss

Labelle has brown fur. Her face, arms, and legs are a vanilla cream color. Her eyelids and purple, showing that she wears make-up. The inside of her ears are pink and the bottom of her legs have brown on them. She wears a black dress that goes down to her knees and a necktie that resembles one of Gracie's patterns.


In the store, Labelle is professional and you could guess that she came from a well brought up family. However, this is not the case as it has been discovered that Labelle is really Mabel and Sable's middle sister. Sable had a big fight with Labelle after their parents died and Labelle went to the city to start her new life as a fashion designer, while Sable stayed behind with young Mabel to run the shop.

Able Sisters Episode[]

The episode is a part of City Folk when the Able Sisters start to reveal that Labelle is their long lost sister.

Episode Requirements[]

  • Speak to Pelly at least once.
  • Befriend Sable (Speak to her for 12 days)
  • Unlock Nookington's
  • Buy at least one item from the Able Sister's Shop and GracieGrace.
  • Have Gracie conduct three fashion checks.
  • Befriend Labelle (By speaking with her constantly at GracieGrace for at least 13 days)


This is the entire story:

Through out the story, you visit Sable and Mabel, Pelly (Once), Gracie, Tom Nook, and Labelle. They reveal the story of their lives.... Well, Tom Nook just blurts out secrets he should not reveal, but they tell more of the Able Sisters' lives. You find out that Labelle wanted to leave to become a fashion designer, Sable got into a fight with Labelle and Labelle left. Sable wanted to stick as a family after their parents died and Mabel was too young to understand anything back then. Tom Nook, Pelly, and Gracie just blurt out secrets.

First, talk to Mabel. Talk to her when she stops following you around in Able Sisters. She will sigh, and you can either say "What's wrong?" or "Back to work!" If you say "What's wrong?" Mabel will say she got a letter from someone in her past. Then, talk to Pelly. She will tell you that Mabel is getting letters from some person. Pelly also says that she does not want to be nosy, but she also wants to find out what it is all about. After that, talk to Labelle. Make sure you talk to her when she stops following you around in Gracie Grace. She will tell you that nothing is wrong and everything is fine. The next day, talk to Gracie (who will be there, but not do a fashion check) and she will say that her life has fallen off the catwalk and Labelle says chic is a baby chicken. The next day, talk to Mabel, and the day after that, talk to Tom Nook, and the day after that, talk to Labelle. Then, for the next three days talk to Mabel then Labelle. For more info go [1]


Sable - older sister

Mabel - younger sister

Gracie - friend, boss