Animal Crossing Wikipeada Wiki
Gender Male
Species Skunk
Service Shoe Shinary
Appearance(s) Animal Crossing: City Folk

Kicks (シャンク, Shank) is a new character in Animal Crossing: City Folk. He is a male skunk, who shines shoes for a living in the city on fair weather days. He can be found outside a run-down building beside Lloid's auction house. He wears a brown hat, along with a brown suspenders and a white shirt. He also sports a Brooklyn accent.

Kicks shining a player's shoes

If the player buys his services for 500 Bells, Kicks' shoe-shine will change the color the player's shoes to match his or her hair or outfit (not including pattern-made shirts which produce the defaults). If the shoes do not change colors, Kicks will not charge for his services. There are only a select number of shoe patterns which can match each hair and outfit combo. He can match by style or by what color you're wearing. The name "Kicks" is a pun on the slang word for tennis shoes, "kicks." He only comes on fair weather days. Even if the player time travels, Kicks will still appear.