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Katie and Katilin
Gender Females
Species Cats
Service Katie: Lost Kitten
Katilin: Looking for Lost Kitten
Appearance(s) Animal Crossing: Wild World
Animal Crossing: City Folk
Animal Crossing: The Movie

Katie (まいごちゃん, Maigo-chan) and Kaitlin (おかあさん, Mother) are a daugther and mother that had been seperated from each other. The player's job is to bring the kitten and the cat reunited again.

Katie and Katilin as a trophy


Katie wining for her mother

Katie is a yellow kitten with brown hair who will randomly appear in your village one day, once your gate has been opened and you have accepted a visitor from another village.

She will cry and tell you that she has been separated from her mother, Katilin, and believes that her mother is in your friend's village. You will need to get your friend to open their gates over Wi-Fi. Then you need to find Katie and take her to your gate and request to visit your friend's village. She walks slower than you do, so make sure not to leave her behind or else she will fall down and cry.

She will be reunited with her mother. A day later, you will get a thank you present from Katie. However, the player who had Kaitlin in their village will get nothing.


Katilin looking for her daugther

Kaitlin is a mother cat, Katie as her daughter. She will appear in your village randomly once you have opened your gate and accepted friends from another village over wi fi. She will tell you that she is missing her daughter, Katie, and believes she may have been left in your friend's village. You will need to open the gate to your village, and your friend will need to find the little yellow cat and bring her to the gate of their village and request to visit you over wi fi.

They will be reunited and, a day later, the person who had Katie, the daughter, in their village will receive a thank you gift. It may be possible that you recive the gift more than once.


A player with a picture of him made by Katie.

The following furniture items are only available as rewards through this Lost Kitten quest.

  • Apple TV
  • Music Box
  • Katie and Kaitlin's Pic (Wild World only)
  • Papa Bear
  • Lily-Pad Table
  • Papa Panda
  • Lovely Phone
  • Portrait
  • Designs


  • Kailin will always hold a spatula.