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==joey are sad<nowiki/>==
{{Infobox Villager
|name = Joey
|image = Joey.jpg
|imagesize = 200px
|Gender = Male
|Personality = [[Lazy]]
|Species = [[Duck]]
|Birthday = [[January|January 3]]<sup>rd</sup>
|Initial Phrase = bleeeeeck
|Initial Clothes = No.3 Shirt
|Quote = Don't get your feathers all ruffled. Just chill.
|Games = {{AF}},<br>{{PG}},<br>{{AFe+}},<br>{{WW}},<br>{{CF}}, <br>Animal Crossing: New Horizons
}}'''Joey''' (リチャード, ''Richard'') is a [[duck]] [[villager]] in the Animal Crossing Series with a [[lazy]] personality. His name may be a reference to the American sitcom, called [[wikipedia:Friends|Friends]] and the character [[wikipedia:Joey Tribbiani|Joey Tribbiani]], who is also quite lazy and fond of food.
He is a yellow duck with thick, dark-grey eyebrows, small dot eyes, an orange beak and no hair. He wears a nappy/diaper which is considered by some to also look like a metal plated under-belly. His initial clothing is a No. 3 shirt.
''Below is a brief description of the '''lazy''' personality. For more information, click '''[[lazy|here]]'''.''
As a lazy [[villager]], he will enjoy napping and talking about food, as well as appearing calm and relaxed through most circumstances. Like other lazy villagers, he will share the same interests such as [[clothes]], [[fishing]], bug catching, and [[fossil]] hunting. When he talks about clothes, he may mention his alter-ego, "Fashion Lad", a made-up hero by lazy villagers who tackles fashion disasters. [[Snooty]] and [[jock]] villagers will find it difficult to get along with him, due to his relaxed lifestyle which may cause offense to these villagers.
In {{CF}}, he has no particular theme in his house. He owns two [[Dharma Set|Giant Dharmas]], a [[Ranch Series|ranch]] coffee table, a paddling pool, [[Classic Series|classic]] chest, a pink box, and a rotating globe. He also owns a [[stereo]], which plays [[K.K. Lament]].
[[Category:Animal Forest Characters]]
[[Category:Animal Forest Characters]]
[[Category:Animal Crossing Characters]]
[[Category:Animal Crossing Characters]]

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