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Jingle the Black Nosed Reiendeer
Gender Male
Species Reindeer
Service Santa's Little Helper
Appearance(s) Animal Crossing
Animal Forest e+
Animal Crossing: City Folk

Jingle (ジングル) is a reindeer that appears in all two games of the Animal Crossing series, Animal Crossing and Animal Crossing: City Folk. He is Santa Claus' helper and delivers presents to the characters in your village.

Animal Crossing[]

In the original Animal Crossing, Jingle will visit your town on Christmas Eve from 8:00 pm until 1:00am on Jingle Night. In order to get a present from him, you need to have 12 different shirts to change into. Once you locate Jingle with any one of the shirts on, talk to him and after a little chat, he will give you a present. He will randomly give you a piece of his furniture, the matching wallpaper, or the matching carpet. Now, do not leave the acre that you are in, or else Jingle will move to another one and you will have to find him all over again. Instead, get out of Jingle's sight and change into another shirt that you have. Then come back and speak to him. Jingle will not recognize you because of you new look and will ask you questions that will determine which item from his set you will get. Unfortunately, Jingle will eventually catch on, finally realizing that you are the same person, and move to another acre where you must find him again. Keep on rinsing and repeating this until you have obtained all of the the Jingle items.

Animal Crossing: City Folk[]

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After taking a break from being Santa's helper, Jingle is back again in City Folk. He comes on Jingle Night from 8pn until 12:00am. His job is still to hand out presents to everyone in your village and make sure that the hoildays is a great year for all. You must do pretty much the same thing that you do in the Gamecube version to get Jingle's gifts. The only thing that is different is that you must now change your accessories on your face instead of shirts. First, you must find Jingle wandering around your village and make sure that you have a surplus of accessories available with you. Make sure to check in villager's houses that have their lights out as Jingle can be hiding there. One you find him, talk to him. He will ask you if you like things you lean on or things you step on. If you choose things you lean on, you will get a Jingle Wall. If you choose things you step on, you will receive a Jingle Carpet. You will also be asked after that if you would like your current option or if you would like huge things. Huge things will reward you with a random piece of Jingle furniture.


Jingle is one of the most loved characters in Animal Crossing history! Who wouldn't love a cute reindeer who helps Santa and gives out free gifts, anyway? He likes to be fair and won't let you have any more items that you should (unless you trick him, of course) because he likes to let everyone have a gift and make sure that no one is dissapointed on this very special day. Jingle never gets mad and will just pass it off as a joke if he catches you trying to get yourself more presents.


Jingle wears a suit that is very similar to Santa Claus' suit, in colors (red and white), but no so much in size. Jingle is a little chubby - but no where near Santa Claus' size. He has a belt that wraps around his waist and keeps his stomach in place. Jingle wears a Santa Hat and lugs around a big sack of presents around his back. He has yellow antlers, sparkling eyes, and a brown snout. You can expect him to be in a fairly good mood just by looking at him.