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Gender Male (Japan)
Female (Other)
Species Giraffe
Service Fashionista
GracieGrace owner (City Folk)
Appearance(s) Animal Forest
Animal Forest +
Animal Crossing
Animal Forest e+
Animal Crossing: Wild World
Animal Crossing: City Folk

Gracie (グレース, Grace) is a celebrity fashion designer who occasionally passes through the undeveloped villages of the country, impacting the lives of fashion-conscious villagers. As a giraffe, Gracie is naturally tall and elegant, however behind her external appearance lies a powerful woman who knows how to earn respect. Not only is she the number one name in fashion, she has no known rivals. It is unknown if she is connected with Fauna magazine. Howerever, snooty characters will sometimes call her outfits "trash" and her a rusty heap.

Gracie has appeared in every Animal Crossing game to date. However, she did not make an appearance in Animal Crossing: The Movie.

Animal Forest/Animal Crossing[]

A player washing her car.

In Animal Forest Animal Crossing, Gracie will stop by your village on a random day and ask you to wash her red sports car. Your character will then hop on top of the hood with a washcloth in hand and start to scrub Gracie's car all over until it sparkles. If you do a good job, you might score some nice clothes as a gift from her to you.

Animal Crossing: Wild World[]

In Animal Crossing: Wild World, Gracie no longer has the same car. She now has an older looking one. She will come to your village on a random day of the week and stand outside the Town Hall plaza and wait outside of her car. When you come up to her, make sure that you have a stylish outfit on. She will rate you and if you are stylish enough, you will receive a shirt from her.

Animal Crossing: City Folk[]

Gracie with her empolylle

In Animal Crossing: City Folk, Gracie is away on a fashion tour. She owns the shop called GracieGrace. She will occasionally stop by her store every once in a while and give you some fashion tips if you happen to see her there. If you dress appropriately and to her likings, you will receive one of her shirts.


Gracie is very confident in her fashion abilities. When you talk to her, she will use words such as 'honey' and 'dear' which most fashion designers use. Gracie can be demanding when she asks you to do tough things such as washing her car. She judges you on your clothes that you wear instead of your personality. She thinks that she is the best fashion designers in the world and deserves to be recognized.


Gracie is a yellow giraffe with orange spots scattered all around her. She has a wavy tuft of brown fur sitting on top of her head between her two pointy horns. Her eyelids are blue and her snout is orange. Her arms and tail are tipped with orange. She wears a purple scarf and one of her own designs called the Gracie Top. She wears black stockings that cover her two large hoofs.


Labelle - Gracie put her in charge of GracieGrace while she went away on tour.