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"Hey! Stop following me!" - Gloria, Animal Crossing: City Folk

Gender: Female
Personality: Snooty
Species: Duck
Birthday: August 12th
Initial Phrase: "quacker"
Initial Clothes: "Turnip Top"
Pic Quote: "N/A"
Appearance(s): Animal Crossing: City Folk

Gloria ( スワンソン, Swanson) is a snooty, duck villager in the Animal Crossing Series, a new character only available in Animal Crossing: City Folk. Her catchphrase is "quacker", a play on the noise ducks make.


Gloria is a white duck with a dark plum bob cut, blue eye liner, pink-tinted webbed feet and bill, and purple-tipped tail and feathers. She is almost identical, in personality and appearance, to Miranda. Unlike Miranda, Gloria is new in City Folk.


Below is a breif descritpion of the snooty personaltiy. For more information, click here.

As a snooty villager, Gloria will appear arrogant and rude towards the player and other villagers. She may be offended when a jock character asks her about her physical fitness. She gets along with other snooty characters and tends to get mad when lazy characters are laidback and do not care about anything.


Gloria has the ebony piano and a red armchair in her house. She has the Cityscape wall and the red tile. If you give her a stereo, it will play K.K. Blues.