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Gender: Female
Personality: Peppy
Species: Rabbit
Birthday: December 16th
Initial Phrase: "honeybun"
Initial Clothes: "waffle shirt"
Pic Quote: "I'm trying out a new earstyle here."
Appearance(s): Animal Forest,
Animal Forest +,
Animal Crossing,
Animal Forest e+,
Animal Crossing: Wild World,
Animal Crossing: City Folk

Gabi (ペチカ, Pechika) is a rabbit villager with a peppy personality who has appeared in all Animal Crossing titles so far. Her catchphrase relates to her species, "bun" being a shortening of "bunny" to some.


She is white with a black nose, pink freckles, pink inner ears, and brown feet, paws, and tail. She also has a tuft of brown hair. Gabi's original outfit is the waffle shirt, which relates to peppy villagers and their like for sweet food.


Below is a brief description of the peppy personality. For more information, click here.

As a peppy villager, she will appear cheerful and friendly. To some people, Gabi can appear rude. She has a short attention span and may have the tendency to overreact about small things. She will be easy to befriend, taking comfort in those she talks to most. She may, however, feel insulted when talking to snooty or cranky villagers, who may gossip about her or disagree with her style.


In Animal Crossing, Gabi's house is relaxed and light, with a tropical feel - there are many pot plants, and various items from the cabana series, as well as a vibraphone and an ebony piano.

In Animal Crossing: City Folk, Gabi's house has a modern, loosely musical theme, with various instruments such as a grand piano and a vibraphone. Various pot plants and a metronome are included. She also owns a Slim Neubloid. K.K. Love Song plays in her house.


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Gabi in Animal Crossing