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Gender Male
Species Turkey
Service TO STAY ALIVE!!!
Appearance(s) Animal Crossing
Animal Forest e+
Animal Crossing: City Folk

Franklin (フランクリン) is a paranoid turkey. But he has every right to be paranoid - the Mayor wants to invi- ... serve Franklin for dinner! He is a new character and was introduced to the series in the game Animal Crossing. He was absent from Animal Crossing: Wild World, but made a return in Animal Crossing: City Folk.


Franklin hoping not to die.

Franklin is a pink turkey with dark purple feathers. Like most turkeys, he has a dark red wattle above his purple beak. Franlin's face is a solid pink. Underneath his ruffled neck feathers, the rest of his body is black. His wings are trimmed with light purple and white. Like his beak, his eyelids are also purple. He has big eyes that barely blink because he is always on the watch. He wears a straw hat with a black strip above the brim on his head. To match his hat, he wears yellow overalls with only one strap that buttons at the bottom. Franklin's webbed legs are pink and black.


Franklin hiding behind a sign post.

Franklin is very terrified of coming to a Player's village because of the fact that it's that time of the year, the Harvest Festival! However, he somehow manages to block his fear and come out to celebrate. If he even hears the word fork or knife, he will freak out and hide behind trees, sign posts, or buildings. If you find him and talk to him, he will jump. Although paranoid, Franklin is quite pleasurable to be around because of the fact that he is very generous gives out free furniture as an incentive to keep on stealing knifes and forks!


Mayor Tortimer - Although Tortimer says that they are friends, the sole reason that he invites Franklin over is to eat him.