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Don Resetti
Gender Male
Species Mole
Service Reset/Save game lecturer
Appearance(s) Animal Forest +
Animal Crossing
Animal Forest e+
Animal Crossing: City Folk

Don Resetti (ラケットさん, Mr. Racketii) lives and work in the Resetti Surveillance Center with his younger brother, Mr. Resetti. He, like his brother, will give the player a small talk about the importance of saving the game after each play. He is not as harsh and full on as his younger brother, and will merely advise the player about saving, rather than threatening them or having the player repeat sentences after him. He is a mole with stubble on his face, who wears blue overalls and a white, long sleeved shirt, which makes him appear older and mature compared to his brother. He also holds a pick-axe, which relates to his species, the mole, known for digging under ground. His name is a parody of "Don't Reset".

Role in Animal Crossing[]

In Animal Crossing, Don Resetti replaces his brother the seventh time the player resets. He appears mellow in comparison to his brother, by not shouting and screaming at the player for resetting. When he leaves, he does not return again and Mr. Resetti does not mention him.

Role in Wild World[]

Don was absent from Wild World.

Role in City Folk[]

Don talking

Don Resetti reappears in City Folk, and his personality has not changed since Animal Crossing. He appears after the players resets five times. He is mild mannered, and tells the player that his brother (who he refers to as "Sonny") is a good guy. Unlike Resetti, he does not yell "SCRAM!" when he ends his talk.

Don will also sometimes be present in the Resetti Surveillance Center. This can only be accessed after 8:00 PM on random nights and if one of the two traffic cones are removed. Once the player enters and talk to Don or his brother, they will give the player a silver shovel to leave.