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Gender: Male
Personality: Cranky
Species: Bear
Birthday: July 1st
Initial Phrase: "Fuzzball"
Initial Clothes: "MVP Shirt"
Pic Quote: "I'm Watching You!"
Appearance(s): Animal Forest e+,
Animal Crossing: Wild World,
Animal Crossing: City Folk,
Animal Crossing 3DS

Curt (ガンテツ, Gantetsu) is a cranky bear villager in the Animal Crossing Series . To be "curt" is to be impolitely brief, hence his name.


Curt is a gray bear with a bandage on his forehead shaped like an x and he wears an MVP shirt. He appears to be middle aged and has a very deep voice as well. He has what may look like a beard around his muzzle, giving him the look of an older bear. His eyes are droopy half-circles containing pupils near his unibrow. Inside of his ears are a whitish-yellow color. He has a bright blue nose atop a patch of white-yellow fur, much like the color in his ears. He looks slightly grumpy, and is often found with his arms crossed


Below is a brief description of the cranky personality. For more information, click here.

Curt has a cranky personality. His hobbies are fishing and hunting fossils. Like most Animal Crossing characters, he is a bit eccentric. Occasionally he will speak out for his respect for hobos, his manly love for gardening and his hate for seedy salesmen. Like most cranky characters, he is quick to anger and hard to please, only when the player insists on being his friend and remains nice to him for a long time, he will come to like you. His favorite time of day is the evening and the night, he tends to be extra cranky in the morning. Curt's conversations with other villagers often lead to him getting angry or confused; he does not seem to get along much with anyone, though he admits to liking K.K. Slider's music. He usually moves quickly but he will stay for a couple days longer after he tells you. It also seems that something bad happened to him because of the bandages on his head.


In Animal Forest e+ he has the same house as Bitty, only that now has a Tartan Rug and a Manor Wall, and his stereo has K.K. Jazz on it.

In Wild World and City Folk has more variety of furniture, like a red sofa, a ranch table, and one mini bowtoid when he first moves into town. He lacks a stereo at first, but if he obtains one, it will be playing K.K. Jazz. There is a Wide-Screen TV in his house too. Curt also has some clothing and some headgear.