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Gender Male
Species Tortise (in a Acorn mask)
Service Acorn Festival Organizer
Appearance(s) Animal Crossing: Wild World

Cornimer is a character that makes his only debut in Animal Crossing: Wild World.

Animal Crossing: Wild World Job[]


Cornimer helps set up and celebrate the Acorn Festival. On this special event, Cornimer will be standing out on the Town Hall plaza. When you speak to him, he will tell you that he craves tons of acorns. As you wander around the village, you will see that there are indeed a bunch of acorns on the ground near non-fruit bearing trees. Give all of them except for the rotten acorns to Cornimer. As soon as you give him a certain amount of acorns that satisfy his needs, he will give you a piece of the Mushroom Series furniture.


Cornimer's face greatly resembles an acorn. He has black hollowed out eyes and a mouth. The top of his head, which is the acorn shell, acts like a hat. He wears small monocles that rest on his nose, just like Mayor Tortimer. The rest of his body is exactly the same as Tortimer's, with the shell and the colors all intact as well.


Cornimer's personality is one of a kind. He is all fun and games and will even offer you advice each day during the Acorn Festival via mail. However, if you manage to get him upset by giving him a rotten acorn, he will get very angry from you, displaying this by using the anger emotion. He will give you a stern warning and then proceed to steal all of the acorns you gave during that inventory to teach you a lesson.

True Identity There are two main guesses as to who Cornimer really is:

Mayor Tortimer » Cornimer is exactly the as Tortimer appearance-wise, except for the fact that Cornimer's head is an acorn, which can easily be a mask to disguise himself. Cornimer loves to celebrate and laughs exactly like Tortimer as well. Tortimer's unknow

Tortimer's unknown friend » This may be one of Mayor Tortimer's close friends or possibly even a relative acting as supporting character.