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Gender Male
Species Dog (German Shepherd)
Service Police Officer (Animal Forest, Animal Crossing)
Graud(Wild World, City Folk)
Appearance(s) Animal Forest
Animal Forest +
Animal Crossing
Animal Forest e+
Animal Crossing: Wild World
Animal Crossing: City Folk

Copper (おまわりさんA, Policeman A / もんばんさんA, Gatekeeper B) is a guard dog. He has had major roles in all of the Animal Crossing games. Booker, Copper's complete opposite, has always been his partner. His name comes from the word 'cop'.


Copper is dedicated to his work and he is very professional. He is confident with his ability to get the job done and has very high standards that he has set for himself. One thing that is important is that he is always looking out for everyone else, as well. At night he warns players to be careful and when you talk to him early in the morning he will pride you with a compliment.


Copper wears matching outfits with Booker. He has on a dark green helmet that makes his ears protrude out of it and along with that he also wears a red uniform with an X going across it. He wears a brown belt with a rectangular buckle and carries his staff which he confidently holds and he stands lean and straight. In the 1st 4 games he had a blue cap and a outfit.

Animal Crossing[]

Copper sleeping on the job.

In this game, Copper has most of the work. He has to juggle alerting players when there is a special visitors in the village, when a new event is about to happen in the village, and he hosts the morning exercises regiments and also marks your attendance to the morning exercises. He has a full day's job.

Wild World[]

He and Booker guard your village gate. You can find Copper on the right side of the gate. Copper appears very professional and is good in his job compared to the incompetent Booker. Copper can help you out on a number of things:

  • Wi-Fi related options
  • Obtaining your friend code
  • Going out to a friend's village
  • Opening your gates

City Folk[]

Copper at the job in the Gate

In Animal Crossing: City Folk, Copper has the same role that he had in Animal Crossing: Wild World - standing by your village gate and helping you with the same options. Although his speech habits and dialog is a bit different, it is evident that Copper was intended to stay the same and the editors did not really work on developing his character further.


Copper as a trophy with his brother Booker