Animal Crossing Wikipeada Wiki
Gender Male
Species Pigeon
Service Coffee Maker
Gryoid Storage
Appearance(s) Animal Crossing: Wild World
Animal Crossing: City Folk
Animal Crossing: The Movie

Brewster (マスター, Master) is a quiet pigeon who owns a cafe called The Roost, located in the museum of the basement.


After talking to him for a while, over a course of a few weeks, he will tell the player his story, which suggests he used to own a coffee shop in the City before moving to the village to open up a small business in the museum, after meeting Blathers.


Brewster serving some Coffee

Brewster's job is to sell coffee to his clients that come into his cafe. In order to get a cup of his famous java, you must sit down in one of the red stools. He will then ask you whether you would like some coffee or not. Coffee will cost a hefty price of 200 Bells, but most say that it is well worth it! Make sure you drink your coffee hot, as it will help increase your friendship with Brewster.


Brewster is usually a very shy and quiet pigeon who doesn't like to talk much at all. He does not think that his price for coffee is too high and is satisfied with the simple life that he leads. He is always wearing a tie and he is holding a white cleaning cloth.

Befriending Him[]

Brewster in the roost with K.K. Slider and a player

The more cups of coffee you buy and the more you drink hot, Brewster will start to become more friendly towards you. Instead of saying just a measly "Thank you." after you buy some of his coffee, he will begin to speak more and open up. Brewster will get somewhat upset when you let your coffee cool.

Gyroid Storage Space[]

In Animal Crossing: City Folk, if you buy seven cups of coffee each day and drink them hot, he will offer to hold your gyroids in his storage room. This will only work if you are holding a gyroid in your pocket. Also, Brewster will not except duplicate gyroids.