Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a free mobile game released in Fall of 2017. In Pocket Camp, you can finish requests for animals, by catching bugs and fish, or getting fruit from trees. In exchange, you will get crafting materials to make items to put in your camp. Some villagers like certain items and you can invite them to your camp once you get their favorite items.

Catching Fish[edit | edit source]

Catching fish is very simple in Pocket Camp. Simply, you can go to two different areas on your map: Lost Lure Creek or Saltwater Shores. Lost Lure Creek will have freshwater fish and Saltwater Shores will have sea fish. Once you get to either of the places, you will have a fishing rod in hand, and you can simply tap the water when you see a fish, wait for it to bite, and tap!

Catching Bugs[edit | edit source]

Catching bugs is also very simple in Pocket Camp. You can go to Sunburst Island, and there will be 4 trees, and bugs will spawn on them very often. If you want to catch one, simply tap the bug, wait for your player to get close, and tap when the screen shows a giant message saying “TAP!”

Collecting Fruit (and Coconuts)[edit | edit source]

Collecting fruit is very easy. You can go to Lost Lure Creek or Breezy Hollow, and then some trees will have fruit on them. You can tap a tree, then fruit will fall and you can collect it! It will take 3 hours to regenerate or, if you use fertilizer, you can regrow it instantly! The same goes for coconuts, which can be found on Saltwater Shores and Sunburst Island.

Events[edit | edit source]

Every month there will be an event revolved around a specific theme, such as a wedding theme, that will have three 6-10 day events to earn furniture and items that are limited time for the month. At the beginning of the month, there will be a gardening event, where you catch bugs by planting specific flowers, and then as you catch more bugs, you get more rewards. Usually this event rewards you with clothing and small accessories. The second monthly event is a fishing tourney, that is usually ran by Chip (or Zipper during Easter) who asks you to catch sparkling tourney fish. Each fish will have a certain length, and the higher your total length goals go, the more rewards you get. Usually the rewards are furniture items. The 3rd and final event of each month is a gyroidite scavenger hunt. Gyroidites are mini gyroid things that can be used to craft some limited time items. If you do all the tasks in all 3 events, you will slowly get special material that increases your to your monthly goals, and you can get the big special item of the month.

Fortune Cookies[edit | edit source]

Fortune cookies are an edible item that you can get furniture out of. Usually each month there will be limited time fortune cookies that you can get special items from. The cookies are based around certain villager hobbies. Take Goldie's Library Cookie as an example. Goldie loves reading, so they made a fortune cookie revolved around libraries. There are also common cookies, such as Timmy or Tommy's cookie.

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